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Westport Baseball & Softball, Inc. Board of Directors

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  (1 vote per person)  
Chairman  Jeff White
President/CEO  Jeffrey Brill
Executive Secretary  Beth Cody
Treasurer (acting) Jeff White
VP of Advanced Baseball  Travis Pauley
VP of Advanced Baseball - Operations Paloma Bima
VP of Softball   Keri Stedman
Director of Social Media, Technology & Community Relations TBD
Director of Safety & Equipment Brian Marcucio
BASEBALL (1 vote per person*) *if not already a voting member
Player Agent Steven Lupinacci
Commissioner of 50/70 Mark Sikorski
Commissioner of Majors (6th-7th Grade)  Mike Vizzo
Commissioner of AAA (5th Grade) Marc Theisinger
Commissioner of AA (4th Grade) Max Landgraf
Commissioner of A (3rd Grade) Justin Walters
Commissioner of CAP 2 (2nd Grade) Scott Mastocciolo
Commissioner of CAP 1 (1st Grade) James Kingsley
Commissioner of CAP PK/K Jeff Mitchell
Commissioner of Challenger Beth Cody
Commissioner of Summer Vince Kelly
Umpire in Chief  Brian Kurtz
At Large Youth Baseball #1 TBD
At Large Youth Baseball #2  Ray Abramson
At Large Senior Youth Baseball Tom Whelan
At Large Youth Travel Baseball Mark Rothenberg
At Large Advanced Baseball    
Director of Player Development Ron Clarke
SOFTBALL (1 vote per person*) *if not already a voting member
Player Agent  Elise Gabriele
Director of Travel Softball Mike Lustbader
Commissioner of Travel  Lou Alfero
Commissioner of Juniors (8th-9th Grade)  TBD
Commissioner of Majors (6th-7th Grade) Carolina Stubbs
Commissioner of AAA (4th-5th Grade) Steve Drucker
Commissioner of A3 (3rd Grade) Keri Stedman
Commissioner of A2 (2nd Grade) Rob Magnuson
Commissioner of Instructional (K-1st Grade) Devin Taylor
Director of Standards/Quality Control Jeffrey Brill
Director of Equipment Brian Marcucio
Coaching Credentials Brian Marcucio
Concessions Manager TBD
Director of Sponsorhips Brian Marcucio
Director of Field Operations TBD
Field Scheduler Jeff Mitchell
Umpire Scheduler Jeff Mitchell
Webmaster Jeff Mitchell
Commissioner of Fall TBD
Commissioner of Summer TBD
Director of Rules and Umpires TBD
Director of Sponsorhips Brian Marcucio
Coaching Credentials Brian Marcucio
Equipment Manager TBD
Field Scheduler Stephen Kessler
Clinics Manager TBD
Facilities Manager TBD
High School Liaison  TBD
Director of Curriculum TBD
Evaluations Coordinator TBD
Webmaster Elise Gabriele

Brief Biographies of Westport Baseball & Softball Board of Directors

Abramson, Ray
Ray has served on the board for over 20 years and has been active in WBS as a baseball coach, softball coach, Commissioner, and travel team coach.   Ray and his wife Karen have been residents of Westport for 29 years and two of their three children played at all levels of Westport baseball and softball. Ray’s son Andy played baseball in Little League, Staples High and American Legion.  His daughter Emily played softball in Little League, Westport Travel teams and for the Staples softball team.   Ray was instrumental in starting the Fall League and winter Skills Development Programs.  Ray is the WBS Treasurer and his firm, Abramson & Company, CPA's, (www.abramsonco.com) is a professional services company located in Westport on Church Lane, providing accounting services to WBS.

Alfero, Lou

Axthelm, Stephen
Steve Ax has served as coach, Commissioner and Vice President for Softball for since 2000, assuming the VP role in 2006.  His daughters Emma and Charlotte both played in the program since they were seven years old and went on to play Varsity for Staples. They still play an active role in the league as umpires and clinic coaches when not at college.  Steve also serves on the Westport Parks and Recreation Commission and expects to complete his Masters of Science in Recreation and Leisure from SCSU in January 2013.   He believes the youth sports are a unique and valuable opportunity to help kids learn teamwork, sportsmanship, the value of dedication and effort, and the lessons of success and failure in a controlled and safe environment.

Backus, Jeb
Jeb is a 3rd generation lifelong resident of Westport whose baseball career began at the age of 6 years old in the Westport Little League program in 1969 and culminated as an NAIA All-American at Flagler College in Florida where he attended on a baseball scholarship.  Over the last 10 years Jeb has served the organization in many capacities, first as a preschool caps coach starting in 2003, continuing as a coach each year through 2012 where he served as an assistant Majors and 12U District coach.  In 2008 Jeb joined the Board assuming the role of organizing the annual distribution of equipment for Little League baseball, the planning and organization of all player evaluations and a winter clinic instructor. Jeb resides in the Saugatuck area of Westport with his wife Karen and children.  His son Tripp and daughter Jillian both participate in WBS programs. Jeb has spent 27 years as a professional YMCA Senior Director.

Bima, Paloma

Brill, Jeffrey
Jeff is President and CEO of Westport Baseball and Softball. Prior to election, Jeff served as Cap 2 Little League Commissioner and a member of the Westport Baseball & Softball Board of Directors and the Recruitment and Nominating Committee of the Board. Jeff has also administered the operation of Westport Youth Travel Baseball. Jeff and his wife, who have two children, have lived in Westport for 12 years. Jeff has been the head coach of his son's little league baseball teams since he played in the Cap leagues and assistant coach of a District All Star team. In other sports, he has coached his son's basketball and soccer teams. Jeff has also coached his daughter's softball teams. In addition, he has sponsored his children's baseball and softball teams over the years. Jeff's son volunteers as a "buddy" to players on the Westport Winners in the Challenger division.

Carew, Scott

Chu, Wyman

Clarke, Ron
Ron is entering his 15th year of participation in Westport Youth Baseball and 3rd as a Board Member. A resident of Westport since 1997 Ron has been closely involved with youth sports in Westport serving as a coach for Little League and Travel baseball, a coach and administrator for PAL football and is an active member of the Staples High Gridiron Club, Wrestling Matmen and the Staples High Rugby program. A former Fairfield University baseball player, Ron is committed to the development of well rounded student athletes. Ron and his wife have 4 sons, all of whom are active in Westport athletics.

Cody, Beth
Beth Cody started volunteering with Westport Little League in 2000 by assisting the AAA Baseball Commissioner. Since then, she has been a Commissioner for various grades in baseball, mostly with 4th grade (AAA). She became the Commissioner of the Challenger program when we introduced the program to Westport in April, 2013. It is for kids with mental and physical challenges and she said it is the most rewarding experience of all. She also serves as the Executive Secretary on the WB&S Board of Directors. Additionally, she is the Registrar for WB&S, handling all baseball and softball registration matters. She has lived in Westport the last 25 years with her husband Paul and two kids. Her 25 year old son Nicholas and 20 year old son Jack played baseball in Westport from pre-school into high school. She has always loved baseball, first attending Yankee games as a five year old, cheering for Roger Maris and Mickey Mantle. In her pre-Westport life, she lived in Manhattan and was a VP/Associate Media Director at a New York advertising agency.

Cohn, Neil

Drucker, Steve

Emmert, Eric
Eric has been an active participant in coaching youth sports for Westport Softball, Basketball and Soccer for his two daughters since they began participating in sports. With Westport Softball, he has coached at the K-1, A2, A3 and AAA levels and last year in addition to coaching teams at the K-1 and AAA levels was also one of the K-3 and AAA Commissioners. In post-season play, he assisted on the 8U All Stars and successfully organized and coached the first annual 9U All-Star tournament hosted by Westport this past year. He and his wife have lived in Westport since 2007 and continue to be involved in numerous community activities.

Gabriel, Elise

Glennon, Joe

Kelly, Vince
Vince began coaching his youngest son in both the rec and travel leagues in Westport in 2013, having coached his oldest son in Fairfield dating back to 1995. He has also mentored his two step-sons through both Westport’s Little League (including our National Finalist team) and Staples Varsity teams. Vince played his Little League ball in Rockville, MD, ascending through high school and American Legion baseball to Division One Catholic University of America, where his 1977 team won the ECAC District II Tournament and advanced to the NE Regional Round of the College World Series.

Kessler, Stephen

Kingsley, James

Kurtz, Brian
Brian has been involved with Westport Little League since moving to Westport in 1995, first as a volunteer umpire and then as Umpire-in-Chief. Brian started umpiring when he was 16 years old and became the Umpire-in-Chief of the Spring Valley (NY) Little League when he was 18. After college, Brian umpired men’s softball throughout Brooklyn and Queens as an Amateur Softball Association (ASA) umpire and upon moving to Westport, he became a member of the Fairfield County Connecticut Approved Baseball Umpires Association (FCCABU) and regularly does varsity high school baseball in Fairfield County. On the Little League side, Brian has been behind the plate for just about every Westport Little League Championship game in the Majors division since 1995 and he has umpired in the District 2 Championships for the past 12 years as well as many Sectional and State championship games, three Little League Eastern Regional Tournaments (Big League/Dover, DE in 2007, Junior/Freehold, NJ in 2012 and Little League/Bristol, CT in 2013) and one Little League World Series (Big League/Easley, SC 2008). Brian is very proud that Westport Little League continues to use only adult volunteers and Westport students to umpire our games. He holds clinics and training every season which he enjoys very much. When he’s not umpiring, Brian has his own business, Titans Marketing LLC and is an educator, author coach and consultant in direct marketing.

Landgraf, Max
Max has lived in Westport for five years and has three boys in the Coleytown school district. He has been involved in coaching all of their sports, from soccer to baseball for multiple years. Max played numerous sports as a kid, including baseball, basketball, track, and football before focusing on football in high school. He went on to play football at Fordham University in college.

Lindwall, Mark

Lupinacci, Mike

Lustbader, Mike
Mike has served as a coach, Commissioner and currently softball Executive Committee member in Westport Little League since 2001.  He has coached both his son in Little League baseball and his daughter in softball.  Mike has served in other capacities such as umpire, district all-stars team coach, field & facilities manager and player agent.  Mike has also coached multiple regional elite travel softball teams, helping lead different youth teams to the PONY Softball National Championships and the USSSA Softball World Series.  Mike has also played in the Westport men’s softball league for the past ten years, and has coached Westport youth soccer as well.  Mike and his wife Cathy have lived in Westport with their two children for over 12 years, and his daughter currently plays on the Staples high school softball team.  Mike is passionate about providing youth sports to children as a means of building the self-confidence and teamwork skills needed to succeed in life.  Mike is an executive at TD Bank where he continues to serve both our local and national communities.

Magnuson, Rob

Marcucio, Brian

Mastocciolo, Scott

Mitchell, Jeff
Jeff has been a Little League volunteer since 2002 and a board member since 2007. He has coached numerous teams for his two sons since moving to Westport in 1993, including all-stars, travel, and summer ball. With one son ascending to Staples varsity and the other playing Babe Ruth, Jeff has been active in all areas of advanced baseball as well. Jeff, whose original career was as a software developer, is also a long-time admin for the web site. He is also actively involved with the umpire training program.  In addition to Little League, Jeff's passions are helping to foster the arts/culture in Myanmar (Burma), bringing tourism back to American Samoa, and volunteering at the Remarkable Theater here in town.

Nixon, J.P.

Pauley, Travis

Sikorski, Mark
Mark is a long-time youth baseball volunteer. He was an American Legion baseball coach in Orange (Zone 2) for 7 years and helped bring two of those teams to the CT State Tournament. In Orange, he also was head coach of a 15u Babe Ruth team for two seasons. Since moving to Westport with his wife and two children, Mark has coached in all of our WLL youth baseball programs and has supported the growth of WLL's summer teams. Mark was a relief pitcher at Duke University, held the team's season Appearances and career Saves records, and captained the 1986 varsity team.

Stedman, Kerry

Stevens, Bryon

Stubbs, Carolina

Taylor, Devin

Theisinger, Marc

Vincini, Steve

Vizzo, Mike

Walters, Justin
Justin is already a multi-sport coaching veteran, having begun in 2013 when his eldest son became eligible to play Little League baseball. He will continue the tradition with his youngest son this year, and perhaps his daughter when the time comes. Justin began his own Little League career at age five in Pensacola, Florida, ascending to Yale in 2000 as a recruit where he played first base on the varsity for all four years until sidelined with an ACL injury. At Yale, he met his wife Lauren, a varsity soccer player who grew up in Westport and attended Staples High School. Justin is the co-founder of the Bespoke Investment Group, specializing in market research and analysis. 

Weiner, Scott

Whelan, Tom
Tom has been a Little League volunteer since 2003 and has served on WBS board since 2007 as Commissioner of Cap 1 (first grade). Tom has coached Westport District teams every years from 2006-2012. Tom has also served as Treasurer of the Longshore Men's Golf Association, on the Finance Committee for Staples Tuition Grants, and Treasurer of Saugatuck Island Taxing District. In addition he is Assistant Varsity Boys Basketball Coach at Staples (2006-present) and Assistant JV lacrosse coach at Staples (2010-present). Tom is the owner of Thomas R. Whelan CPA LLC in Darien, an accounting practice since 1988.

White, Jeff
Jeff has served the Westport Baseball and Softball, Inc. (WBS) as a coach, Treasurer, Commissioner and President since 1983 when the first of his three children started playing.  His oldest participated in WBS programs through High School, his son through American Legion and his daughter Colleen through college as well. His wife, Sue, served as coach, Softball Commissioner and Vice President for 20 years. His late aunt Mary Ellen White was a one-person Little League running the concession stands, equipment collection and anything else that she could. The Town Farms complex and the road into the complex was re-dedicated in her name after her death in 2006. The family donated the James F. White Field in memory of Jeff's father in 1993. Over the last decade Jeff has also served as the Commissioner and sometime coach of the Fall High School softball league for area schools including Staples.

Zinzi, Nick
Nick has been involved in Little League since 2013 when he moved back to Westport from Charleston, SC. He and his wife Lauren have lived in Westport for 9 years (two separate stints) with their two children ages 8 and 3. His son has been a part of Westport's little league program since 2013, and Nick has volunteered as a coach in the fall and spring programs from pre-Kindergarden thru 2nd grade. In addition, Nick has also served as commissioner of the fall Cap league and spring Cap 2. He has also volunteered four straight seasons for WSA soccer as a coach. Nick is a Vice President at Two Sigma Investments, a hedge fund, in New York City and a diehard Mets fan.